Mini packing party: Summer clothes

Hm - not so mini considering the amount of clothes I seem to have.  How did that happen?  I can't stand having a wardrobe that is so squished in that I can't get something out without fifty million other things sliding off their hangers!  Sound familiar?  Then - join me in a The Minimalists-inspired mini packing party.

As I have mentioned before,  I find having a clean slate and then adding things back in that are useful so much easier than looking at clutter and taking things out.  It gives a much clearer picture of what actually gets used rather than looking at something and thinking...ahhh - I might use that/wear that/need that sometime so I will leave it there.

I tried the reverse hanger thing for a while, but when your wardrobe is so full, you can't actually turn the hangers around, then it becomes a bit tricky to do...Hm.

Again - it's a basic principle of taking all your summer clothes (you can do your entire wardrobe if you have the space) and putting them in a box...or boxes.  Dig what you need out when you need it and after you have worn it and washed it, hang it back in your wardrobe or pop it back in your drawer.  I am going to practise a little stewardship along the way and make sure I depill or mend or whatever maintenance needs to be done on the clothes before they go back in the wardrobe.

I will be posting what I wear every day too - just so you can see what my wannabe minimalist wardrobe looks like.  To get started, here are are my recent outfits after the jump;

August 9th - day 1

A handmade cotton dress (fabric from Vinnie's, vintage pattern), a black Metallicus singlet underneath, my very plain black cozzie for swimming classes, my sunnies, fave coral sandals and my Agnes B bag big enough to fit all the swimming stuff.

August 10th - day 2

A French skirt from the Paris fleamarkets, white linen tshirt, a black Metallicus singlet (I LOVE these), fave coral sandals (cleaned and trimmed) , my lovely and roomy Moroccan leather bag, sunnies, a Tiffany bracelet and E pendant.

August 11th - day 3

Handmade PJ/lounge shorts and singlet - Sunday at home!

August 12 - day 4

Cullottes, cream broderie anglaise top, grey Metallicus singlet (sensing a theme here!), my old, old sad sandals that I love, sunnies and my Moroccan bag.


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