Mini packing party - kitchen utensils

I have decided that it's so much easier to put things back than take things out when decluttering, so I am going to do a series of mini packing parties based on the Minimalists' Packing Party post.  We just don't have the time and space to pack up all our stuff and then unpack it as we need it, so I am doing it little bit by little bit.

The first one is my kitchen utensils, seeing as at the moment, I am kind of hovering around the kitchen getting rid of stuff, working out how to be more eco and so on.

Basically, we had two pots of kitchen utensils (not cutlery and chopsticks) sitting on our kitchen shelves.  I tipped them all into a bag and this month, I am putting them back into a pot only when they get used.  At the end of the month, we can take a look at what I kept and what is moving on to a new home.

I think this is going to be a great way to clear out stuff.  Why?  Because I start with a blank slate.  By clearing out the space in question - in this case, the utensil pots - I can a) admire the beauty of that uncluttered space and think about how much I don't want it to get cluttered up again b) only add the things to it that are necessary.  Yay!


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