Making your own: spelt bread

I love big thick whiter than white Japanese toast bread.  MAN.  That stuff is divine toasted with butter and Vegemite.  It is divine just fresh and eaten unadorned.  It is divine as French toast...However, the old processed white flour is not doing our little bodies any good, so I decided to make spelt bread.  I used a recipe from, but I found that the dough came out way too sticky, so I added perhaps another half a cup of flour.

The smell of bread cooking filled our house this morning, which is enough to make anyone feel happy. YUM.  It came out looking OK, but the taste overall was pretty bland, which is what I expected really after making regular wholemeal wheat flour bread.  It will probably be good toasted with butter and Vegemite (all breads are!) or with avocado homemade baked beans.  Little Miss O loved it.

It's not cheap to make by anyone's standards, but maybe that will be an incentive to eat less bread as a whole, which is probably a good thing.  I'll probably end up trying some other flours or mixing flours and so on, so watch this space.  A big bag of whole wheat flour is quite reasonable.

For those lovely readers in Japan - I got the spelt flour from Tengu Natural foods, the oats and the linseed (flaxseed) from and the yeast at Ito Yokado.


  1. I love making bread and would much prefer to use Spelt than regular flour. It takes a while to get the water balance right, I find!

  2. Hi Marina! I love making bread too - but I bet spelt flour is easier to obtain in your hood than over here. Do you do any mixes?


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