Sewing for kids: toddler skirt

Loving that cute little baby belly.  I have had this in my project box I have most things.  I saw a skirt in Gap a few seasons ago that I liked, but I was unwilling to pay whatever the silly price was, so I went home and dug around in my fabric and trim boxes.  Et voila;

  - waistband is lining from a bag I never finished
 - main fabric is from Little Miss O's oji-chan's old yukata
 - trims are ones I had in my stash except for the pompom trim.  Originally, it was this wild electric blue that really POPPED, but I didn't have enough and couldn't source any more, so I had to unpick it and put on the green and white which Little Miss O chose today

It went down quite well.  Little Miss O put it on immediately and subjected me to delighted me with a  dance performance.  Bless.  


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