Choco-prune muffins

Hm - not the most glamorous-sounding muffin, I know, but I had some cocoa that needed using up and a glut of dried prunes.

Yeah - they don't LOOK so great either.  BUT - they are pretty wholesome and will probably give you a good energy boost.  I used this recipe, but as it was a bit odd, I made a few changes;

I only used one tablespoon of cocoa and I added three tablespoons of low fat yoghurt as the mix looked really dry.
I cooked them for 17 minutes at 180 degrees.
I also rounded up the quantities over one half or in the case of the 1.004 cups (not 10.04 cups, I am sure!), rounded down.
I used olive oil instead of their branded veggie oil
I used traditional wholegrain rolled oats instead of instant oats.

They are for the lovely Mr O to take to work as snacks.  They taste fine - not sweet at all, really, excpet for the prunes, but very healthy and sustaining.


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