A parenting challenge

No photo today - haha - pictures of me dancing like crazy are not to be published on the internet, right? And when I say pictures of me, I mean pictures of me and not pictures of Little Miss O and me.  She wasn't into the dancing yesterday afternoon.  Perhaps it was too much of the bouncing castle earlier in the day where we did her version of bouncing like crazy.  This involves holding tightly on to the edge or on to me and bending her knees up and down whilst wearing her MAX FUN! face.  Hilarious.

Anyway, despite a kicking soundtrack including The Cars, Ting Tings and The Gossip, she wasn't having a bar of it.  There was also the added distraction of her new doll that her oba-chan bought her after lunch.

That's a part of bringing up a non-consumerist child that I am not going to mess with - the grandparents.  Sure - if they overstepped the line really badly, then I would have a word, but if they want to take her to the store as a treat and buy her a doll, then that's up to them.  I do not have exclusive rights to the raising of Little Miss O - she is part of a broader family, and as long as she is happy and safe with them, then that is fine.

And today, we are off to do number 37 - go to the pool.  Woohooo.

How are you cooling down in this heat?  Or warming up in the cold?


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