A parenting challenge

Here are our lovely iceblocks (popsicles) before being popped in the freezer.  We used a recipe from Design Spongehttp://www.designsponge.com/2010/06/small-measures-with-ashley-diy-popsicles.html, but we modified it somewhat according to what we had in the fridge.  Instead of all greek yoghurt, we used half greek yoghurt and half soy yoghurt.  It's really hard to find raspberries, so we used blueberries and finally, we left out the vanilla pod.  Little Miss O got a little bit beside herself waiting for them to freeze, and then wasn't really into hers, but then later, wanted to eat her daddy's iceblock.  Such is the two year old.

(For those in Japan - both soy and Greek yoghurt were found at Ito Yokado.  They also have blueberries, but they are expensive, so I bought mine at Yamada discount store in Kameari, Tokyo.  Seiyu stores also have reasonable priced ones. Teeny bottles of expensive vanilla essence can be found at Ito Yokado or try Kaldi Coffee stores.  I got mine from www.iherb.com.)

I don't know if these new sessions are working - I probably need to commit to them more and not just try to squeeze them into the day.  

Today, we are going to do number 33 - make mini pizzas.  I forgot to get tomato paste at the shops and we have no mushrooms, but we will probably survive without them.

One thing I have found helpful recently is letting Little Miss O know the game plan.  For example, I will tell her that I am going to do yoga and then hang out the washing, and then we can play with her Sylvanian Families (she is an addict!).  This has the advantage of teaching her about sequencing and planning and she also has a more concrete idea of when she is going to attain her own goals or what to expect next.  


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