A parenting challenge

Hm.  I am actually finding this very dfficult, and in a way, have come to the end of my interest in the Zen Habits list.  Not that it is a boring list at all - lots of good ideas - some not so good in my opinion, but mostly worth a try.  However, some of them just don't really apply to a two year old.  In stinking hot summer.  In Tokyo.  So - I am going to make up my own list for a month and a bit's worth of activities (some of Leo's ideas will be found here);

1. Read poetry
2. Go to storytime at the library
3. Bake cookies
4. Make lemonade
5. Borrow library books
6. Play Duplo
7. Go to an aquarium
8. Go to the zoo
9. Garden
10. Go for a picnic
11. Go to the park
12. Paint or draw a picture
13. Make cards together
14. Write postcards to friends or family
15. Sing together
16. Have a tickle fight, bounce on the knees etc.
17. Go to playgroup together
18. Go to the pool
19.  Visit oji-chan and oba-chan
20. Make iceblocks
21.  Go to a cafe for an ice chocolate
22.  Make a tent
23. Choose fabric and make something together
24. Colour in
25. Have a toys' picnic
26. Dance
27. Go for a bike ride
28. Make and fly a kite...or a paper plane
29. Learn origami together
30. Blow bubbles
31. Eat kaiten sushi
32. Go to a museum

What's on your list?


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