A parenting challenge

Yesterday was Little Miss O's treat day as she got lots of stickers on her fantastic chart.  She wanted to go and see some paintings and eat some pizza, so off we headed to the American Pop Art exhibition at the National Art Centre.  Ohhh....how I love that museum.  Directly on our metro line, exit 6 exits straight to the gallery, lovely big airy exhibition spaces and the most inspiring gift shop with so many design ideas.  I rarely buy anything there (no money!), but such great inspiration.

We had a fab time at the gallery - Little Miss O whipped out her sketchbook and did some great drawings of Warhols, Oldenburgs and Jasper Johns.  I love pop art so was in my element.  The pizza was a bit of a drag - the first resto not selling it at lunchtime (go figure) and the second charging 2500 yen for a veggie pizza.  Hm.  Still, she loved it, so it was worth it, I guess.  Ouch.

Another hot day today, so we might go for number 14 - have a pillowfight.  Haha.  Watch out Little Miss O!


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