A parenting challenge

Today, we made lemonade according to this recipe on taste.com.au,  and it was delicious.  Little Miss O loves pouring out the contents of the measuring cups into the bowl/saucepan/whatever, but is known to abscond halfway through the exercise with aforementioned measuring cups.

It's hard being a "present" parent, and I am really not one of the kind of parents who is really, really into their child to the point that their whole lives revolve around them.  Is that a bad thing?  To be honest, I don't know if these exercises are making any difference.  No - that's not true - she tells me she loves me a hell of a lot more than she did previously, which has got to be a good thing.  Or is it a con to get away with mischief?  Am I that cynical? Hm.

Tomorrow, if we decide it's not too hot or going to be too crowded, we are going to do number 11 - go to a museum.  Little Miss O reached her second star on her fantastic chart and when I asked her what she wanted to go and do, she said, "look at paintings."  That's my girl

How do you celebrate good behaviour?


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