A parenting challenge

Hm - yesterday, the Duplo idea lost out to playing with her fave toys of the moment - two dolls named Miss Clavel and Olivia (after characters in books).  We have been making them clothes and futons (there's Olivia in hers) and having rather a jolly time of it.  We'll play Duplo another time.

We've been working on getting Little Miss O not to throw so many wobblies.  Two of our methods that have been partially successful are;

1) Telling her that babies cry because they can't use words to tell their parents what they need whereas big girls (Little Miss O is fixated on being a big girl) use words.

2) Explaining to her that she has the power to decide whether she is going to make us cross or not.  By choosing to do naughty things, she is choosing to make us get cross.  By choosing to do kind things, she is choosing to make us happy.  I think she finds the idea that she is calling the shots quite empowering, and mostly (thankfully!), she is choosing to make us happy.

Today, we are going to do number 80 - blow bubbles.  YAY!


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