A parenting challenge

Yesterday, the little fam headed off to an aquarium for a family day out.  Little Miss O and I love a bizarre sea creature or two, and we got to watch the stingrays and sawsharks being fed.  Pretty graphic, but fascinating all the same.

We were able to do some drawing at various times, and I was reminded of something I had been reading in my current book - The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton where he discusses John Ruskin's idea that those who see with the eyes of someone who draws get so much more out of...well..everything.  Instead of seeing...a stingray, we can see the subtle shading around the edges of the pure white underside, the fanning of the skin down around the tail, the wrinkles on the underside, the number of gills and their placement and so on.  I hope Little Miss O can learn to see this way.

She was able to bust out my newest design - a little drawing back pack....I am thinking of doing a tutorial for it at some stage, but the idea overwhelms me a bit at present.  It's the heat.  Haha.

Today, it's way too hot to do anything much, so we will probably end up chilling at home.  Cue number 84 - build something with Lego - except for us, it's Duplo.


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