A parenting challenge

Little Miss O and I headed off to the pool yesterday for swimming lessons.  We started a couple of weeks ago and love it.  It's a great time for us to spend time together with no other distractions, which is often hard to do because there always seems to be something, doesn't there?  Cooking, cleaning, the phone ringing, work, other people, exercise...blah blah blah.  It's really rewarding to watch Little Miss O become more brave and independent too.  Ha - I also feel quite racy in my what I thought was a very demure plain black one piece swimsuit compared to the neck to knee ensembles of the other mothers.  Ooh la la.

Today, we are going to do number 4 - paint and draw together.  Little Miss O is a prolific drawer and it's about time I did a bit more of it as well.


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