A parenting challenge

And now for the new..well, not look, evidently, but new feel else seven where I will be documenting little ways to change life for the better as I take myself through them as well.

I am going to kick off this month with trying to be a better parent.  Much as I love Little Miss O, I find motherhood really hard and especially when there are so many things to do (and to be honest, there are many things I would often rather be doing).  My aim this month is to be more "present' for her.

1) Not checking emails during mealtimes.
2) Listening to what she is saying.
3) Trying to maintain an even temper.
4) Saying "yes" more often - not to requests for chocolate, but to requests such as "play with me, mummy."
5) Moving away from saying "you are naughty" to "not listening to mummy is naughty."
6) Being a better role model/example.
7) Getting her involved in my stuff e.g. helping me with cleaning, doing creative things when I am,  doing yoga together, snuggling and reading next to each other and so on.
8) Taking one of Leo Babauta's mostly wonderful 100 suggestions of things to do with kids and running with one each day.
9) Taking her to more places to engage with other people, especially other kids.
10) Hugging her more.

So - today, we are going to do number five on Leo's list - create a fort in the living room and have our afternoon tea in there.

How are you more present for your bambini?


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