Warm and spooky....

It's that time again - time for Obon, which is my favourite Japanese festival of the year and the festival for the souls of the departed.  I love that fact that it takes place at night, in the heat of summer and that there are lanterns,  taiko (Japanese drums) and people dancing Bon Odori in beautiful yukata.  Then there are all the summer treats like cold beers and edamame and shaved ice with syrup.  Last night, there were women handing out free iceblocks and people selling grilled squid on sticks and takoyaki.  YUM.  There are games for the kids like the hoola stand and fishing for the little ones.  I love dressing Little Miss O up in her new yukata, which she adores and cycling through the warm, dark silent streets until we can hear the boom-boom, boo-da-boom of the drums in the air. 

Basically, this summer, I am going to be an Obon groupie, visiting as many local festivals as possible.  Bring it on.


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