The other day, I went to the park with Little Miss O, the lovely Mr O and oji-chan.  For the first time in...goodness knows how long...I sat on the swings.  What fun it was!  I felt so free and weightless and happy just swinging myself back and forth and letting my legs fly out.  

As I continue to declutter our home - yep - still at it....I think about how I felt on the swings and how such a simple thing can be so satisfying.  I also think about how I used to go to the shops or go online and look for things to buy.  Not stuff I needed at all, just stuff to buy.  

Why on earth did I go out and just look for stuff to buy?  OK - I am still guilty of doing it occasionally these days, but back then, I was a hardcore shopper.  I think of all the things that money could have been used for - to pay off my student debt, to pay off our mortgage on our little apartment, to take our little family on amazing trips...sigh.  However, there is no point in dwelling on that too much and having too many regrets because there is nothing I can do to change the past and very little I can do to get that money back - bar selling a few things here and there and recouping a few dollars.

However, I can learn from this experience - I can learn that I need to spend more time on the swings and much, much less time spending money on crap.  It's an ongoing project, but I am committed to it.

What lessons have you learnt from decluttering?


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