Serendipitous Paris - food!

Lucky me was in my most favourite city in the world last month with one of my favourite people.  Hooray!  It was kind of like coming full circle as my friend and I had gone on my first trip to Paris together as sweet little 21 year olds a very long time ago, and she unwittingly booked an apartment two or three buildings down from the dodgy (but fab) hotel we stayed in on that first trip.  Woohooo.  Marvellous.

As I have been to Paris a million times, there was no need to rush around and see all the sites, so we could just cruise the streets and check things out.  And eat.  Here are some of my Paris eating tips/loves from this last trip;

Chilling out in a typical French bistro - La Sancerre in Abbesses where we had a very charming little Chablis and seriously delicious omelettes.

Breakfast a la francais (please excuse lack of accents there!) on our first morning gleaned from nearby boulangeries and mini markets.

Sometimes - simple is best.  Awesome olives and hoummus from the great Traiteur Grec in rue des Abbesses.

French onion soup (see below) and moules frites?  Hello my favourite meal EVER at a bistro in St Paul's Village, which is a groovy little area well worth checking out.  The bottle of Sancerre went down a treat with it too.


Coffee at the Rose Bakery, rue des Martyrs, which was served with the best mini slice of cake.

And the breakfast.  They also had some amazing looking salads there which we didn't get to try, but the queue well out the door seems to be testimony to their great taste.

Super-sized cafe au lait (again - apologies for the lack of accents) at Boulangerie Coquelicot - a super bonus discovery on rue des Abbesses.  Their weekend brunches also looked pretty mind-blowing - I reckon they would keep you going until evening aperitif time

...and their patisseries...mmm...that millefeuille...and definitely the finest creme brulee (ditto for lack of accents AGAIN) both of us had ever tasted.

Some of the cheese on offer at the fromagerie on rue des Abbesses.

A couple of glasses of red with a view from our apartment balcony.

Organic coffee and pain au chocolat at Le Pain Quotidien, rue des Petits-Carreaux.  I could have spent all day on this was pedestrianised and lined with food shops and cafes/bistros.  Definitely worth checking out.

YUM.  Just make sure to do plenty of walking so as not to come back with excess baggage around the hips, people.


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