Allergy free: Rice pudding

Please note that allergy free posts cover my daughter's personal allergies - eggs, sesame and all nuts but walnuts and does not constitute medical advice.

Hm.  Does not look so appetising.  Oh - tangent - how much do I love pics of food in old 60s and 70s cookbooks.  Woah.  So gross.  Everything is always kind of brown and sloppy and shiny or greasy looking and a bit neon.  Fantastic.

Anyway - we had some leftover rice that I did not want to waste, so I experimented with making some allergy-free rice pudding for Little Miss O.

2 1/2 cups of soy milk
Leftover white rice - maybe 1 1/2 cups, I guess
8 tablespoons of water with 4 teaspoons of Orgran egg replacer mixed in (no sponsorship here, that stuff is just the schiz, and I use it heaps).
1/3 cup white sugar
About a teaspoon of vanilla essence - I just poured it into the cap of the bottle - it was a full cap.
A good shaking of cinnamon - again about a teaspoon.

First - mix the egg replacer with the water.
Second - beat the egg replacer in with the caster sugar
Third - Add the soy milk, cinnamon, vanilla.
Fourth - stir in the rice

Pour into greased ramekins or greased small ovenproof dishes and place in a large roasting dish.  Fill the roasting dish with boiling water until about half way up the small dishes.  Place in a pre-heated oven
at 180 degrees celsius.  Cook for about 50 minutes or until the top looks nice and set and a bit browned.

After it has cooled a little, eat as is or with some chopped fresh fruit - particularly berries.

Variations - I think I would like to try it with some sultanas in it or with some coconut or putting the berries in before cooking in the oven.  Let me know if you try any different flavours.



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