Samsara Project: baby clothes to burp cloths to eye make up removers which things pass through states of existence...

Once upon a time, these were hand me down baby clothes that were not really useful, so I turned them into burp cloths etc. for Little Miss O.  She is a little less drooly and spewy these days, so now they are all nice and clean and waiting for new roles.  Soooo...

Woohoo!  Rocket science!  I turned some into eye make-up remover pads.  Cut them in circles, zigzagged the edges.

I know.  Genius.


  1. What a great idea! Must try it, do you fill with some sort of batting inside? Could be done with fabric scraps too, such a good idea

    1. No - no batting as it makes them take longer to dry. Baby clothes are lovely and soft, so are less likely to drag the skin around the eye, but stretch fabric scraps would be good too, I reckon.


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