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It may seem that I have been very quiet on the creative front of late, but au contraire, friends.  I have been locked in the else seven cave hammering away at gifts and so on for friends we are going to visit in the UK soon.

I made some funky pants for my friend's son for his birthday.  Oh Japanese fabric - I love you.

...and here is a sample of some of the gifts I made for my friends.  I used vintage kimono and obis to make useful household items like coasters, potholders, tea cosies and place mats.  I think they turned out quite well.  I don't usually wrap things in plastic, but for this instance, I want them to be protected in my bag, and to look smart when I give them to my friends (wrapping paper would more likely rip and tear in my bag, I think).

...and Little Miss O chose some cute vintage Japanese fabric sourced at various flea markets for her sunglasses and camera cases.  

No matter how many times I do it, it is still extreeeemely satisfying to take a a piece of fabric (especially one that I have got secondhand) and turn it into something that can be used or worn or given.

Now, I am going to let Little Miss O choose some fabric from my stash to make a cute dress.


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