Creative exPLOSion!

We got busy today Chez les O (no - not that kind of busy.  Not yet today at least.  Eww.)  Anyway....

We made cookies (proudly stamped by Little Miss O) to use up some of the ingredients that are going to be out of date soon...and passed some on to the neighbours.

I finished a dress for Little Miss O.  My first attempt at a Japanese pattern (not from a book - tried those before) and I decided that whilst using a pattern I couldn't read, it would be a good time to do pattern altering as well - not putting in sleeves this time.  Big mistake.  It's a bit wonky, if the truth be told, but hell.... it's wearable.

Finally, Little Miss O and I worked on some cards to send out in May using cereal boxes, old wrapping paper and cards and other salvaged bits and pieces...and the sewing machine.  Looks so much nicer than using glue...and is less toxic.  AND...doesn't create any garbage. OK - a few teeny bits of thread.

Happy days.  


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