Decluttering Task Forty

I love books, and I love reading.  However, although I can never see myself as a Kindle kind of person,  I don't think I can adhere to my dream of floor to ceiling bookshelves anymore.  Oh - I know - such a wonderful thought, but I don't NEED them.  For a start, I wouldn't want to have to dust them.  AND...I definitely wouldn't want them falling on me in an earthquake.  Er...and there is really no space for them anyway.  AND...this is hard for me to is not necessary to keep every single book you have ever read.  Agh.

And so, having really sifted out the faves - some Charmian Clift, quite a bit of poetry, quite a few books about China both coffee table ones and reference ones including a couple I haven't yet read but am really looking forward to reading, Shakespeare, Emily Hahn, L'Etranger, The Great Gatsby etc. etc. as well as books for language study and editing guides for work - I have a pile of books to read through and see if they make the grade or if they are to be sold.

And in future - I will be using the library, borrowing books, getting them from Vinnies or whatever and passing them on if they don't blow my mind and trying to keep the bookshelves from overflowing.


  1. I have recently become a renewed fan of the library! Since Mum was a librarian when I was grewing up I spent all my afternoons in the library reading. I continued reading in adulthood but the hassle of remembering to return books meant I tended to but rather than borrow. But back on a one income budget at the moment and Miss Grace's recently acquired voracious appetite for books means we are returning to the is great for books, mags and dvds these days ... some much cheaper...much less clutter in the house and hey, it doesn't matter if I decide I don't feel like reading that book at the moment...return it and get another one!

    1. I hear you! The library is so great - although somewhat limited in English here. Will just have to learn to read Japanese. hahahaha. Lovely to hear from you! xx


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