Else, else, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Very flippin' nicely, thanks very much.  Err - except for my poor beautiful rosemary that Mr O seems to have killed off with his neglect.  Let's just hope with some love and care, the phoenix will rise from the ashes.  Hm.

ANYWAY...all is looking rather lovely in my little patch - parsley, mint, borage, lettuce, two kinds of chivey/spring onion type numbers, broccoli that hasn't broccoli-ed...but looks nice anyway.  Little Miss O and I planted some more lettuce as well as tomatoes, poppies and basil today.  We are ever so slightly of the laissez-faire type of gardeners.... but we shall see what comes up.  It's great for the little girl, she gets to learn about different plants, taking care of plants, where food comes from and gross bugs and so on.

How does your garden grow?


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