Be a good coffee drinker

(Oh, how tempted I was to chalk in the missing letter s.)

I just dropped in to tell you about the wonderful coffee I had today at Be a Good Neighbour in Tokyo Skytree.  It was strong, slightly chocolately, rich in flavour and with no bitter after taste.  YUM.  Bizarrely, while Little Miss O and I were sitting there discussing existentialist philosophy (no, really...haha), a group of a dozen or so teenagers amassed and went crazy for the small person.  I kid you was kind of like being famous.  They all stood at a respectful distance and waved and exclaimed "Kawaii!" and went into raptures at everything she did.  Haha.  Good old Japan.

The only drawback of the joint was that they automatically gave out takeaway cups, but not to me, nooooo sirreeeeee. Don't forget to nip that one in the bud and ask for a proper cup.


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