Banana bread

There were two bananas grossing me out in the fruit bowl this morning.  In fact, bananas always gross me out, but there ones were turning nasty.  (Please read that "nasty" in the tone of voice that Janet Jackson used in her 80's hit...)  I used a recipe from, but I changed the following;

I substituted one cup of gluten free flour for regular flour as I had some that needed using up
I added a teaspoon of all spice
I added a teaspoon of vanilla
I added about 1/4 cup coconut
I also used all plain flour and added 4 teaspoons of baking powder
I swapped the eggs for egg replacer

Little Miss O devoured it, but she is not the most discerning of people when it comes to sweet treats.  I will see what Mr O thinks tonight.  It rose beautifully, certainly smelt and looked good, but there is no way I am touching anything with a banana in it.  Bleeeeeeeeurgh.

However, I felt very noble using up things that were on their way out.

What are you making today?


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