The mad hatter

I love a hat, but eherm, seem to have a very big head, so they don't always love me.  Today, I realised that although I am starting one of my dream projects - walking the Sydney coastline - tomorrow, I didn't have an appropriate hat for protecting my skin.  My giant sunhat is more that likely to get blown off into the sea and is just not practical for such an activity.

So... I didn't have time to make one, so I went to Big W (I know - also unethical...) and found this hat for $5 on sale.  It fits, has a nice big peak and looks decent.  However, I didn't like the blob motif on the side....

So, I got out some vintage travel patches that I got at an opshop for about 50c for a whole swag and stitched them on....

Thus I am now ready for an 8 or 9km walk along the coastline followed by a swim and brekky with my cousin.  Can't WAIT!


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