Parenting: The Easter Bunny

Little Miss O crashed out with her face in her dinner this evening, so I had a bit of time to fiddle around with bits of paper in preparation for Easter.  I did some Easter baskets;

The below is made from a Tiffany's bag and some card stock I had at home with a pretty pink paper bag chopped up for the filler....

...and this egg-hunt collecting bag is made from a bag from some shop my mum shops at, decorated with textas and a card stock bunny and the ears are made from card stock, textas and ribbon that came off a gift I received.  I even managed to find egg/nut/dairy/wheat/egg free Easter bunnies for poor old Little Miss O.  Hm - she will probably be stoked as this will be her first taste of "chocolate" ever.  Haigh's chocolate for Mama and Papa S - it's got a good ethical rating from Ethical Consumer.


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