So-fa, so good....

Ha.  A bad pun indeed.  Please excuse it, but it was irresistible.  After some serious sewing (oh my - patchwork, eh?), my rather beige sofa now looks like this;

Much better.  It is not quite, quite, quite finished - just one or two little tweaks and then it will be done.  Nicer, non?

I used mostly scraps I had from other projects and fabrics people had given me combined with bits and pieces picked up from charity shops, so it didn't cost very much.  Outlay at the time of making was about $5 - for the backing fabric, and a couple of pieces to fill in the gaps.  It's tied on with tapes, so I am hoping it won't slip off and wrinkle like a throw.   Talk about mixing prints!


  1. That's a mammoth sewing effort!! Well done, looks really good!

    1. Thank you! I adore your "new" sofa too....fabulous.


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