Samsara Project: Kitchen cupboard to bookshelf to...bookshelf which things pass through states of existence...

Happy days, gorgeous readers.  After much faffing around, a lot of paint splatters and some rude words, I finally finished my bookcase project...well - except for the styling which is an ongoing thang, and of course, I shall document it as it comes along.....

What started off as this (actually - is originally was attached to the wall in Mama and Papa S' kitchen and was brrrrrrown);

has become this;

Ahhh - isn't it beautiful?  Of course, I haven't finished with it yet, but I don't intend to stuff it with things.  I don't have a lot of books here as I usually pick them up super cheap secondhand,  read them and then pass them on to my friends.  However, there is room for the ones I have at the moment, some craft and reference books, my records, stationery, vintage radio that was my grandpa's etc.  And that divine vintage bamboo motif wallpaper that I got from  I love a bamboo motif.  In fact, this room is beginning to get a bit of a bamboo-esque vibe to it.  Tiki bar ahoy!

Total cost - cupboard was salvaged from my parents' reno of their kitchen.  Paint was leftover from dad's other projects.  Wall paper cost around $45 including postage and there is some left for other small projects.  The wallpaper glue was a gift from Papa S.  So - total was $45.  Hooorah.

I love that this granny flat is beginning to look like a home.


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