Book and toy storage

This was the carnage of Little Miss O's books and toys once I unloaded them from our old shelves that I have been painting.  Ugh.  I decided that perhaps she might need some of her own storage and out of sight so that the living room maintains a feeling of being an adult space.

Fortunately, Mama and Papa S are getting some new shelves, so I scored a bookcase.  Hooorah!  Not my first choice in style or colour (I see it painted white with each shelf a different colour later on in life), but free.  YAY.  And here it is:

My favourite thing is the pompom garland I made for it but no surprises there, right?  I made it using wool my friend gave me and leftover pompoms from the scarf project I did recently.

As you can see above, I made some covered (badly) boxes for small toys that are still in the process.  They are not my best work, but they will do for the moment.  I used an old shoebox for the pattern, a box that came in the post for the cardboard and some fabric I got at the church opshop for about a dollar.

Another one is half finished and will go on the bottom shelf.  Now (almost) all her toys and all her books are contained neatly in one area, and I am hoping that she will get a lot more use out of them all. And as you can see - she doesn't need another toy or book for quite some time.


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