A bit of a rant

Don't rant much, but this reaaaaaaaaaaally gets to me.

I got this today - brand new and still in its plastic (the title is a bit terrifying - 40s and 50s?  Gulp!) along with one for my mum for 60s and 70s.  And where did I get them?  From a box of stuff left out on the side of the road for the council clean-up a.k.a destined for the dump.  For landfill.  Perfectly good, perfectly useable stuff.  Arrrrggggh.  It makes me furious.  

As I walked home from the end of my beach walk today, I walked past piles and piles of stuff on the road waiting to be carted off for landfill.  I mean piles. HUGE piles.   And what did I see?  Books.  Clothing.  A child's bed in excellent condition.  Actually - two children's beds.  Toys.  Chairs.  A beautiful old Singer sewing machine.  A vintage sewing table.  Stereos. Speakers.  A baby bath.  Couches.  Strollers. Audio cabinets.  Nightstands. Chests of drawers.  A coffee table.  And on and on and on and on.  All just dumped.  

Bloody hell, people!  Haven't you heard of garage sales?  Craigslist?  Freecycle?  Hand me downs?  Charity stores?  

What made me angry as well was that people had gone through the stuff and made a huge mess of it.  OK - fair enough - I think it's a great thing to salvage stuff from the side of the road and put it to use.  I was busting to take that child's bed home for Little Miss O...except she doesn't need one here, and I can't get it back to Japan.  But it is a really crap thing to trash the piles and make an eyesore of it all.  And as for the people who have just mindlessly smashed things they have found lying around - kicked in TVs, smashed furniture etc. - they are just freaking MORONS.  

There is something so fundamentally wrong about all this wastefulness.  Seriously.  I want to get in a big van and go and pick stuff up, shove it in my parents' carport and then give it away on freecycle.  Or have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to charity.  Hm...but Mama and Papa S vetoed those ideas pretty quick smart.  Sigh.  At our apartments in Japan, I want to have a corner of the garbage rooms, which are immaculate, dedicated to stuff that is still useable but people don't need that others can pick up and use.  Or something along those lines.

It's gross and wasteful and wrong.  Isn't there a better way?  Or do people really not give a toss?  I guess they don't, which makes me very sad and very concerned.  Don't buy so much stuff.  Look after what you have.  And if you do decide to get rid of it, let landfill be your absolute last, last, last resort. Please.


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