Samsara Project: Child's drawings to gift cards which things pass through states of existence...

Little Miss O loves to draw and draws a LOT.  Mostly, we give her the backs of printed paper to draw on, although she also has a big newsprint roll on her easel (anyone know where to find ones made from recycled paper???).  However, I hate just throwing paper away and (being the proud mother that I am), I don't really like throwing her drawings away either, but we really don't have the space to keep each and every one of them.

SO...for the small ones that are done on the bits of scrap paper, I decided to re-use them to make gift cards.  I like sending cards - for birthdays, thank yous, get wells, congratulations..all sorts of reasons, but I don't like paying a lot of money for them - and all that virgin paper.  Well - a lot of them are virgin paper....For these ones, I used cereal boxes for the card stock and then covered them with funky paper (re-used gift wrap, of course) and then stuck the drawings on that.  Rocket science, eh?

What do you do with your kids' works of art?


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