Samsara Project: jumper to hottie cover which things past through states of existence...

Hello beautiful people.  It's blustery and rainy out there - not very summery at all (and definitely not what I paid for!), so I got inspired to make a little something something.  Hm.  I do actually have a box full of projects - half-finished or not even started, so I really didn't need to get on to another one, but there you go....a very short attention span.


ANYWAY. I am in a bit of an instant fix sewing mood tonight - you know those times when you just want to get a quick project on and get it made in a short time?  Right.  I took a jumper that my friend handed down for Little Miss O that I decided she probably wouldn't end up wearing and cut it up to make a cute hot water bottle cover.  I drew a Bambi-esuqe motif and stitched it on and then sewed around the shape of the hot water bottle BEFORE cutting, so that there would be less chance of unravelling.  I then cut it out, zigzagged the edges and stitched a pretty green velvet ribbon that had come on a Chrissy present on to the neck to tie it up and finish it off prettily.

BAM!  Hottie cover.  There is still plenty of jumper left, and I have an idea for the sleeves already.  I kind of wanted to turn the rest of the body into a scarf, but I don't think there is enough left for that.  However, I might fiddle around a bit and see what I can come up with.


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