Project Day 365 Day 32

Ahhhhhh.  Memoooorrrrrrriiiiiiies..... It was another stormy afternoon in Sydney town today, which of course, is a perfect excuse to grab another pile of stuff and sort it out.  Which I did.  Today, I got stuck into my 35 plus volumes of diaries and churned through those.  All the early stuff - 12 to about 17 or 18 had to go - it was full of...well...bullshit really.  However,  in the later diaries, I kind of rediscovered myself amongst some of the pages.  An active me.  A social me.  A me who went to places and did things and danced and laughed and stayed out late at night and travelled and took on every challenge and opportunity life offered and travelled and dreamed and..... was fun.  And I am grateful to be reminded of that person and desperate to find her again.


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