Pouf...just like that!

Let me tell you, dear reader, that I am sitting here right now with my feet up on this beauty and marvelling at the comfort of it all.  Do you not love that divine original atomic barkcloth that I snaffled in the form of curtains from Salvo's in RADelaide?  Do you not love how I managed to find some decent fabric, also from Salvo's, to fill in where there wasn't enough to go round?  Do you not love that this beast of a pouf - it really is quite large - only cost me $27.99 in total including filling and fabric and zip?  Hooorah!

Mama S did put a bit of a kaboosh on it by asking how I am going to clean it, as the beans are just inside and not in a filler, but I shall ignore this for now.

And if you want to make one yourself, I kind of followed this tutorial, but I didn't use trim, made it much bigger and put the zip in earlier.


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