My grandfather had this chair, and my mum nabbed it for me when my family cleared out his house (where my parents now live and where we stay when we are in Sydney...woohoo!) after he died.  It's a very nursing home kind of chair, nothing special, but I like its spare lines and simple shape.  However, the dark vinyl was doing nothing for me - pattern crazy as I am - so I made a slipcover for it.  Being as I am a bit of a bolter, I didn't want to commit to upholstery tacks or staple guns or whatever.

I cut it out when I had had a few wines, so it went surprisingly well considering.  The fabric I picked up from a cool lady at Manly markets a week or so ago for $5 which was a good price.  LOVE a bamboo motif.  I had to add a little on the back from the piece I got to make my pouf so I could slip the cover over the chair.  The bias binding was given to me by my grand aunt when she gave me a whole lot of notions.  So - the chair transformation cost around - $5.50, and it was done using entirely secondhand materials.  Nice.

I now have to do a bit of remedial work on the fab vintage souvenir cushion that lives on it, but I have to wait until I get some more pompom trim.  Hm.


  1. I am always impressed by people who upholster furniture by whatever means. So you have officially just impressed me....

  2. Haha - thank you. Not sure it really qualifies for such a fancy word as upholster, but I am chuffed that you are impressed. :)


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