Sewing for kids: Time to play

I am totally lucky to have Mama and Papa S on hand to play with Little Miss O, so I have been able to get back into some projects - big and small, which has been great.  I sewed like a demon today - it was fantastic.

This year, the gifts that I do give - close family members, mostly and I do send little things off to friends randomly, I plan to be largely handmade or experiences or consumable, so I have kickstarted the year with this baby cot cover/play mate for one of the MILLIONS of friends this year that are having the little bubbas.

My mum also handed over a big pile of old Chrisso cards, so I set to work making this year's cards - sad, but true, people, I am THAT organised.  Or maybe, I was just inspired by the cards in the box.  I used old cards, pre-loved Christmas wrap, a brown paper shopping bag and card stock I had at home.  This year, I am going to collect cereal boxes etc. so that my cards next year will be even more eco-friendly.  And no, I am never ever ever ever EVER going to send an e-card.  Ever.


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