Simplified wardrobe - the statement jacket

Ooooooooh I LOVE this jacket, even if just looking at it today makes me feel hot.  This jacket cost me twenty quid at Camden Market in around 1998 or 1999, and it is still going strong.  It's a beautiful quality vintage number made from a really soft fake fur.  You may have noticed that I am partial to a bit of leopard print...for the savage in me.  Ha.

I think that a carefully edited selection of a few statement pieces in a simplified wardrobe is a good idea.  Sure - they are going to stand out and people are going to perhaps notice that you have worn them before, but if they are so utterly fabulous, who gives a toss?  They can also bring sparkle to the more simple and plain things that you have.  This winter, I am going to wear this jacket with a simple black polo neck, dark indigo skinny jeans, knee high boots and a beret.  Oooh la la.

What are your wardrobe statement pieces?


  1. Brilliant jacket, I like the sound of the outfit ensemble idea you have for this jacket for winter

    1. Thanks, lovely! I will be getting on to outfit ensembles once all the pieces have been introduced. Hope all is going well in your new home.


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