Project 365 and New Year's thingies

Happy new year!

Last year, I attempted to do Project 365 - the idea being to take a photo of something you are grateful for every single day.  I didn't quite succeed, did I, so I am going to give it another stab this year.  Here is my first one;

I am grateful for simple dinners that can just be assembled with more time to sit around and enjoy the food and the company rather than fussing around cooking and doing lots of cleaning up.

Did you all make resolutions this year?  I make some every year, although, maybe mine are a bit more...nebulous this year.  Or maybe not - maybe they are a bit more like micro-projects.  I am focussing on things I want to change in my life and doing small things every day to make it happen.  So far, I am skin brushing, drinking 1.5l of water a day, cutting drinking down to Fridays and Saturdays..and special occasions, exercising every day, taking better care of my extremely brittle nails, writing more letters, cutting out cakes and chocolates and all that kind of thing, trying to listen more and pause and think before get the idea (I actually started mine before the new year).

I hope 2013 is going to be a cracker year for you all and thank you for reading.  


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