My body is a temple

This is what I had for breakfast this morning.  Hm.  I like toast. And peanut butter.  Baked beans.  Pancakes.  French toast.  Omelettes.  Etc.

However, I am doing a  three to four week (god help me!) cleanse as featured on Whole Living's website, so I am stuck drinking smoothies....with fruit.  Ugh.....but not as bad as expected.  I am also stuck with a stinkin' caffeine deprivation headache so shall be heading bedwards.

At the start of this cleanse, I weighed 71.7kg.  (There it is - my weight out there on the internet for all to  see.  That has GOT to motivate me).  It's not too bad for a 170cm woman, but it's not ideal.  I am definitely carrying a little extra weight and have fallen into some naughty eating patterns which I am hoping to shake up. I am being gentle with myself today, but there will be some yoga happening from tomorrow.

I will keep you updated on my progress.  Today - headachey, tired and dreading facing another smoothie tomorrow morning.  Hahaha.  Chin up!


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