My body is a temple - end of week one

I am so excited about tomorrow - that pot - CHICKPEAS! Woohooo.  I made it through week one pretty well...several social occasions with no drinking and no coffee and besides a few extra olives here and there and spoonfuls of avocado, I had a couple of aberrations - a piece of sushi, one or two teeeny Little Miss O-sized veggie rissoles and a few rice crackers at a gathering this evening when the blood sugar had plummeted.  Not ideal, no, but not too bad.

Looking back over the week, I should have drunk more water and carried snacks with me at all times.

Good stuff is that I feel good - I mean...physically good.  My stomach is definitely flatter, I don't feel so tired and definitely feel lighter.  I have started to think about how I usually eat and kind of recoil in horror at all the things I used to stuff into my face without really thinking about it.  I am also less hungry than at the beginning.  There has also been a 2kg weightloss, which is an added bonus.  I DO want to lose weight on this cleanse, I have to admit, but I also want to re-educate myself on eating - eating healthily, controlling portion sizes and so on.

Week 2 starts tomorrow and there are some more social occasions, but I am ready mentally for them.  It's kind of interesting how some people have tried to sabotage my efforts, by asking me several times whether I want a drink and telling me to just let myself go "this time," which is a bit weird, I think.  On the other hand, Mama S has been an absolute gem - behind me all the way.  I am excited for protein - a big piece of salmon has been on my mind all this week, so I will be looking forward to chowing on some fishies and pulses.  I am also aiming to drink much more water and do the prescribed exercises - both the detox stretches from Week 1 and the weights from Week 2.


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