My body is a temple 3

To my surprise, I actually struggled through dinner tonight and didn't really feel hungry at all - definitely not hungry enough for the soup after the salad.  However, I must admit to cheating a teensy bit.  I had some extra veggies at brekky with my cousin and some extra green salad and olives at lunch.  I also may or may not have popped one teeny bit of sushi in my mouth.  Ooops.

The not-so-good things today - besides the cheating - include a real feeling of dizziness when I walked pushing the pram to the beach and back.  I do feel quite weak and tired, and I am hoping this will improve soon.  PLUS the coconut and mango smoothie at breakfast whilst sounding quite yum (even for a non fruit eater like me) was G for gross.  I will be sticking to the berry ones in future.

Good things - besides the struggling through dinner.....hmmmm....trying some new recipes and perhaps seeing my eyes grow a teensy bit more clear and bright.

I did the suggested yoga stretches too today, so I hope that will enhance the experience.


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