My body is a temple 2

Day 2.  Today was definitely harder - maybe because my body has forgotten the sweet memories of bread and cheese and wine...and is starting to feel the pinch.  Hm - in retrospect, I didn't really prepare well for this detox at all - I just went straight from normal eating to cleanse eating.  When I fasted for a week in Thailand (yep...fasted...), I spent about two or three weeks slowly cutting the bad stuff out, so that when it came to the time to fast, my body didn't get such a shock.  This time, I was guzzling champers and fish pie the evening before....

I felt really sleepy this afternoon and passed out for a while on the couch while Little Miss O was playing, and I have a slight headache, much less than yesterday.

Good things so far are that I am trying food that I wouldn't have necessarily tried before e.g fruit smoothies, kale, apple cider vinegar etc.  I thought I was a fairly healthy eater - pescetarian, lots of veggies etc., but now, I am beginning to think not.  I am really excited about having a new eating regime after the cleanse - see the books I picked up at Vinnie's today?

Going out to brekky and lunch tomorrow - it will be challenging, but I WILL prevail.


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