January - a month in review

This year, I thought I would make myself accountable for the things I am doing a bit more rather than just drift along.  I think January has been a successful month in all.  What were my pluses;

1) Did a bit of a three week cleanse - give or take a coffee or two and have got into a bit of a habit of eating much lighter and "cleaner"
2) Started running a mile a day
3) Read a couple of books
4) Did HEAPS of sewing
5) Caught up with some friends
6) Got inspired to get super-organised for meals and chores etc.
7) Continued to declutter and got rid of even more stuff
8) Getting better at holding back on random purchases
9) Did a few cultural things - theatre, cinema, art.

My room for improvement included;

1) Drinking too much one night and feeling crap the next day
2) Not drinking enough water every day
3) Wasting too much time surfing the internet.

My aims for February include;

1) More sewing
2) Continue running a mile a day
3) Continue the light eating with some recipes from another detox source
4) Declutter some more
5) Finish Little Miss O's Year in Review album
6) Drink lots and lots of water
7) Have a computer free week
8) See my friends some more
9) Write some letters and postcards
10) Prepare some items for sale in my etsy shop
11) Get myself and Little Miss O to the dentist (ugh)
12) Get my yearly health check done

What are you planning for Feb?


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