In the else cave

It's been a sewing frenzy here of late - am on my third dress in four days.  Woohoooo.  I am loving it - there are thread, patterns, measuring tapes, fabric scraps, pins, scissors and all sorts of stuff ALL over the place, but it's SO MUCH FUN.  The joy of taking a bit of cloth and slowly but surely putting it together to make a garment is really unsurpassed in my book.

I made the above for myself - I bought the fabric in China a looooong time ago for about...AUD4 and the pattern cost about 50c at a church fete, so it was a pretty cheap frock.  And noone else has one the same.  It's a tad too big across the shoulders, and it definitely looks best on me with the wrap at the back - at the front just looks a little mumsie.  It was quite a fiddly pattern - much fiddlier than it looks - oh complexity in simplicity.  And my fave part -  a flash of little red and white gingham pockets.


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