Food challenge

YUM - a macro burger.  Look at all those seeeeds on that bun.

One of my new year challenges was to eat better, so I am doing it step by step, so as not to totally overwhelm myself and fall from grace.  I have a goal weight, and of course, I am going to do exercise again once my back gets better (I pulled a muscle lifting Little Miss O...).

1) Drink 6 glasses of water a day.  I have a measuring jug and a large glass on the counter in the kitchen and I drink one glass before and after every meal....except when I am about to hop on the bus for an hour or so.

2) Drink alcohol only on Fridays and Saturdays - well, I have certainly cut down, but I still have to cut out that Sunday "oh - there is a glass or two left in the bottle" thing.  And start to narrow it down to two x 100ml glasses.  Slowly, slowly, slowly....

3) No cakes/lollies/chocolate etc.  Again, I am doing much better and so far have had only one relapse.

4) No cheese except when someone else puts it in a dish e.g when Mama S or a friend cooks dinner - I don't want to make it difficult.  This is my most recent step, and again - it's going quite well.

I'll keep you updates as I add more steps....

What are some of your challenges this year?


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