SPF moisturiser review

I reviewed some of my previous adventures with SPF moisturisers here, but I think I have finally found nirvana. I was in the market for more moisturiser, so I had a look at EWG's sunscreen review and saw this one - Devita Natural Skin Solar Protective Moisturiser SPF30+.  It was available at the very wonderful iherb.com, so I gave it a whirl.

It rocks.  Glides on easily and is non-greasy.  Has no fragrance but the slightest hint of zinc smell, which reminds me of childhood and summer.  It doesn't create shine and absorbs well.  There is no chalky white cast...and so far, I haven't been sunburnt....but it is winter.  :)

On top of all that EWG gave it a 1 for toxicity, so that's not bad.  Oh - and it's reasonably priced.  Not cheap, but not outrageous and you only need to use a little.


P.S. Noone paid me or gave me any free stuff for this review.  It's just a product I bought with my money and that I think is good.


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