Simplifying Christmas Part 7 - Make it!

It's a rainy, stormy night here in old Sydney town.  I am munching on my mum's friend's fanTAStic cookies (will schnaffle the recipe on Sunday and give it to you), listening to the rain on the corrugated roof, basking in the excitement of a Christmas lights tour with my cousin and his friend and generally loving the Christmas vibe.

Christmas is almost upon us (a very excited little girl went to bed tonight), so just a little post about how the handmade things are often the best.  Mama S and I made mince pies the other night whilst Little Miss O sat on the floor with a cake tin and cardboard tube making her own and today, I raided my craft supplies and old Chrisso cards to make Christmas hats for the fam for lunch tomorrow.  SO much better than those lame ones that come in crackers.  

So - even if it is too late this year, think about what you can make yourself next Christmas.  It might not be magazine-perfect, but it will be beautiful in its own special way.

Merry Christmas!!


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