Simplified wardrobe - the chunky knit cardi

I cannot tell you how much I love this cardigan (it's a very good feeling to love everything in your wardrobe, let me tell you!).  It has grandpa buttons for a start.  It is made from cotton, so it is not too heavy but is surprisingly warm.  It has a band on the bottom that stops it clinging to your bum in the wrong way.  It is camel.  It fits under jackets for a nice layering effect.  It looks great with EVERYTHING in my winter/autumn wardrobe pretty much.  It loves being paired with boots.  It is casual but not sloppy.  It was on sale.

For me, cardis are my first love over jumpers. I find them more flattering - maybe the vertical line running downwards?  They can also be unbuttoned/buttoned up depending on the temperature, so offer versatility that way too.

Are you a cardi or jumper kind of person?


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