Samsara Project: coffee bag to postpak which things pass through states of existence...

Coffee bags in Japan can be recycled - so this was my first brush with one of those thick multi-layered numbers that cannot.  At first, I thought I would save some up and make an eco bag, but I have a million of those, so many, in face, that I used some to make some washing bags, so I don't really need another - although it would have been an interesting challenge.

Recently, I have been sending out lots of stuff that I have sold or freecycled, and I will be damned if I am going to pay for packaging, so the other day, when I had to send out something small, the idea struck me that the coffee bag would make a good postpak - tough, waterproof....

I simply sealed it up with duct tape - I guess for bigger items, many bags could be joined together.  Going to crawl back under my doona now.  Sick as a dog.


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